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'ello - Show Choir Community

About 'ello

Previous Entry 'ello Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 06:54 pm Next Entry
i figured i might as well complete the obsession and join this community...

my showchoir.com sn is showfro!

a little quiz i created about show choir that you might enjoy:

what kind of show choir person are YOU

and a survey, just because...
the ultimate show choir survey

and here are my answers:

Most Important Question
Are you a member or veteran of show choir?:Simply Irresistible '03, Showstoppers '04
First Things First: Your Behavior and Social Implications
Do you find yourself humming your show choir set in public?:incessantly.
Or singing it out loud?:all the time...
Do you do the choreography while singing?:often
Do people give you funny looks?:i guess you could call them "funny"
Do you often begin your sentences with "The other day in show choir..."?:more than i care to count
Do your friends tell you to stop singing?:they like it, i think... my sister tells me to shut up
Do your friends tell you to stop talking about show choir?:sometimes
Do you even have friends out of show choir, you loser?:yeah, of course! i make them come to the concerts, tho
Do you find yourself harmonizing to absolutely everything?:i harmonize to jingles on TV. so that would be a yes.
When you hear a show choir song on the radio, do you sing and dance along?:yesh...
When someone says part of a lyric of a choir song, do you finish the phrase:all the time!!!
Do you sing the whole song?:usually
I bet you do the choreography too, huh?:occasionally
Figures. Moving on: Your Dress Code
Do you own anything sequined?:yes i do!
Is it your show choir costume? If not, what is it?:a couple of ball gowns... i sold my costume!
Have you ever worn your costume outside of a show choir setting?:no, although i wanted to keep it for halloween
Do you like glitter?:i love it
Do you own a hair piece?:no, my hair was big enough
Have you named it? If so, please share:my friend named hers fabio
How many pairs of fishnets do you go through a year?:about two
Do you own character shoes?:yep
Are they tan?:yep
Really? Are they rubberized?:yep
Mine are. So what about your Director?
Do you fear him?:i used to
Do you dream about him or does he appear in your nightmares?:my sister dreamt that he called her fat
Do you have his cell phone number?:my mom does
What about his house number?:no, he keeps that well hidden
Do you leave him anonymous messages with song suggestions for the choir?:no but i should
Do you gossip with him about the other choir members?:i have, although he initiated it
Do you suck up to get blocked in the front, you horrible person you?:define "suck up"
Does it work?:mayyyyyyybe...
...because it did for me. OK, pick one:
Character shoes: t-strap or mary-jane?:mary-jane
Hair pieces or curling irons?:neither!
Box step or step touch?:step touch, but with the snapping hands
Broadway or Pop?:a nice balance of both is good
Small, local competitions or big national ones?:small competitions rock!
Almost Done!
Do you swear that show choir consumes absolutely everything that you do?:i swear on my life
Really? OK, you're done.:oh i how i love show choir...

The Ultimate Show Choir Survey brought to you by BZOINK!
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Date:July 27th, 2004 03:27 am (UTC)


nice quizzes! im from visual volume, in poca, west virginia. i liked ur answers to the survey..=p
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