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Hey, I'm Cassie. I'm an Mystique/Encore (as we call ourselves, Mysticores)
from Pike. Found this and got very excited. If any of you guys are traveling up to Norwell on February 12, I'd recommend it...if not, Ben Davis is hosting a killer competition. My scc s/n is mystiquesweetie05, if u gever see my posts.

What show choir are you? by r10or2
Favorite color
You are a member of theNorth Central "Counterpoints"
Your rank in this group isCo-President
Your rival choir is theCarroll "Minstrel Magic"
Something unique about your groupwardrobe malfunctions
Likelihood you'll watch videos a lot: 94%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Just took it and I love it. I heart the Counterpoints, even though they've been through some stuff this year, I still love you guys.
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