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Friend de Coup's results... - Show Choir Community

About Friend de Coup's results...

Previous Entry Friend de Coup's results... Jan. 31st, 2005 @ 09:02 pm Next Entry

Our Choir, Friend de Coup, (anyone heard of us?) took 10th 2 weeks ago at Onalaska, WI and then took 2nd runner up and Best Band at Omaha Westside. How is everyone else's choirs doing? Anyone going to Sioux City Heelan or... Solan, IA's Westwood? If so, send a shout out. Good luck to all!


To anyone in Twinsburg: You seroiusly ROCKED at Onalaska! and, have you heard the saying: "Twinsburg's the Mitchell of the East and Mitchell's the Twinsburg of the West?" Because we heard that ALL the time at Onalaska!

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